Veterinary Services

Hospitalization & Intensive Care

What does hospitalization at Neel Veterinary Hospital mean to me and my pet? It means that you'll have peace of mind in times of need and that your pet has the best medical care available in case of emergency. Here are some reasons why hospitalization at NeelVet can be the difference between life and death:
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Our hospitalized patients are never alone at night, over the week-ends, or on holidays.
Neel Veterinary Hospital is fully staffed 24 hours a day.
We answer our phones all day and all night.
You can visit your pet any time, day or night!
Climate controlled cages are used for hypothermic and hyperthermic patients.
Oxygen cages are available for patients who need to be on oxygen.
24 hour ECG (electrocardiogram) monitoring is available for cardiac patients.
Advanced IV pumps deliver calculated fluid rates and medications.
An isolation ICU is available for patients with contagious conditions.
Our pet owners receive regular updates on their pet's condition.
Our doctors are available to discuss your pet's health status 24 hours a day.
Pet owners are involved in the important decisions concerning their pet's care.