Veterinary Services

In-House Laboratory Diagnostics

Veterinary Laboratory Images
Neel Veterinary Hospital has advanced laboratory capabilities available when you need it the most. There are many instances when time is of the essence, and our doctors and staff understands this. Neel Veterinary Hospital has the equipment to run many of the necessary blood tests that your pet needs whether it is during the day or in the middle of the night. Blood tests give our doctors the information that they need concerning vital organ functions, hydration, anemia, and infection.
Our laboratory is also used for wellness check-ups. Wellness checks every six months can diagnose many diseases early. The easiest and best time to treat chronic disease is when it is diagnosed early on, before your pet begins to exhibit symptoms. Neel Veterinary Hospital's in house laboratory is one of the many tools that are available to our doctors day and night. These are tools that will help your pet live a healthy and long life.
Veterinary Laboratory Images

Advanced Laboratory Diagnostics

There are some laboratory tests and diagnostics that need to be performed by a veterinary pathologist or specialty laboratory. Neel Veterinary Hospital has chosen Antech Diagnostics, a nationally recognized veterinary laboratory, so that advanced testing is available for your pet when the need arises. A state of the art laboratory is a valuable resource and provides our doctors with important information about your pet.
Consultation services with a board certified specialist in numerous fields of veterinary medicine are also available through Antech Diagnostics. Additionally, laboratory findings are posted online which makes your pet's test results available as soon as possible. Whether it is a biopsy, blood pathogen, titer, or a specialized endocrine test, Antech can help provide our doctors with the answers you're looking for.